Signing Back On. Hello World (Again)!

zarko-gajic_2012Well, a few weeks ago I decided (never mind the reasons) that “the time has come for me to move to new endeavors”. This comes from my last post as the “Delphi Programming Guide for”.

As I’ve promised at the end of the “signing off”, I’m back!

I’ll simply repeat what I’ve said there: I am and will be using Delphi every day, there’s always something to be implemented, some problem to be solved, some new feature to be included – any why not share the knowledge gained with others.

That’s it, as simple as always in life it is.

Sign off there, sign on here and continue doing what’s your best.

procedure TMainForm.Create(Sender: TObject);

20 thoughts on “Signing Back On. Hello World (Again)!

  1. Iwan

    Great to have you back creating great delphi articles, i’ve learn a lot from you, hey can we still access your article in Just a suggestion, i like the layout, you can easily browse for an article, so if possible can you do that too in here, just a suggestion, of course you can ignore that 😀
    Anyway, thank you and welcome back


  2. Zlatibor Boro Urosevich

    Now That’s Technical News of the Day,… ! ;o))
    You don’t even have to write about Delphi, or program anymore, … just continue writing and publish online, that’s we like it…

  3. Leonard

    Welcome back! Over the years I have learned so much from your prior articles, I owe you a great deal. Time to get started on a another 15 years of great articles here 😉 Seriously though, many thanks.

  4. app103

    Welcome back! Looking forward to whatever you have planned going forward.

    But I sure hope has no intention of taking all your past work off their site. That would be a great loss to us all. I go there for info quite often, even before searching Google for answers.

    1. zarkogajic Post author

      April, this should not happen, does not take sites down when Guides leave. I myself frequently search for a solution to a problem I described (years ago) in an article 🙂

  5. Reg Tyler

    Welcome back, I missed you.. wait you weren’t gone long enough to actually miss you, but welcome back anyway!

  6. Al Lombardo

    Welcome back. Really looking forward to what you’ve got planned. Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your articles. It would have been a great loss to the Delphi community if you closed your doors forever.

  7. Fritz

    myhndWin := FindWindow( ‘Žarko Gajić’, nil);
    if hndWin 0 then
    PostMessage( myhndWin, c_welcome_back_message, 1031, 1050 );

  8. juan martinez

    Good news!!!!!

    Gracias Zarko. There are people with good skills in delphi but you’re superb. You explain the problems and the solution very well. You have been an essential piece of my delphi career

    Sorry. My English is far to ne good

  9. IgorSkyFlyer

    Hi, Žarko,
    It’s Nice To See, That You’re Going To, Yet Again, Share Your Knowledge, With Us! 🙂
    Your Tips & Tricks, And Tutorials On, Have Helped Me, A Lot!
    I Wish You, All The Best, In The Future!
    P.S. Samo Tako Nastavi, Najbolji Si! 🙂

  10. Debled Victor

    I tried Sending Email Messages with Attachments using Delphi and Indy without attachment it works with it does not work (the program does not finish) What to do?

    thank you in advance


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