From 1998 till 2012 (that’s 15 years!), I’ve been maintaining the About Delphi Programming web site for the About.com network and have written some 800+ (don’t know the exact number) articles, tutorials, tips’n’trick – all Delphi related.

An almanac for a year lists only articles, tips and resources that were originally published throughout the selected year.

A (wannabe) Delphi programmer, a Delphi beginner or a Delphi guru / expert? 15 years of Delphi programming content available here.

Hint: even though About.com pages are covered with adverts, each page has a printable version stripped of any irrelevant content to the article you are interested in. Just add “?p=1” at the end of the url.

Note: there are also newer Delphi related posts on this site.