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Implement a Close Tab Button for a TTabControl (plus: a round button over hot tab)

Delphi’s TTabControl is a container type VCL control – allowing controls in its client area and displaying a set of tabs (as tabs or buttons). The TTabControl, unlike TPageControl, is not made up of several pages (for each tab), rather the TTabControl has one “page”. By design, the TTabControl is used when displaying/editing list of objects of the same type. When changing the active tab – you need to update the controls it hosts.

An example of a tabbed control UI is an Internet Browser – take a look at Chrome, IE, Edge, or Firefox, etc. tabs. See how each tab has a close button. No such similar close button, to “close a tab”, can be specified or set via properties or methods of the TTabControl. What if you need one (for whatever the purpose)?

So, how to implement a close button for a TTabControl’s Tab? Plus: how to display the close button only over the hot tab (under the mouse) and have the button nicely rounded.
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Custom Hints for Each Tab in Delphi’s TTabSet or TTabControl (Plus: Hints in TStatusBar)

Custom Hint For Each Tab
Tab set controls are commonly used to display tabbed pages within a dialog box.
The TTabControl control can be used to add a control with multiple tab settings to a form. The TTabSet control presents horizontal tabs users can click to initiate actions.

Both TTabSet and TTabControl are a single object (not made up of several pages hosting different controls, like the case is with TPageControl). When the current tab changes, the tab control must directly update its contents to reflect the change in an OnChange event handler.

To have a set of tabs for the tab set control you specify a list of strings as the value of the Tabs property. Ever wondered how to have specific hint for each tab?
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