About Me

zarko-gajic Žarko Gajić [/Ʒərko Gaiych/], MSCS., Embarcadero Delphi MVP, is a software developer (desktop, database, web and mobile applications), instructor (general computer education) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) manager.

I’ve been working in the computer field for more than 25 years (and counting). Am experienced in SQL with a working/administrative knowledge in DB systems like MS SQL Server, Firebird, Interbase, Oracle. I can also do XML, DHTML and JavaScript (and all the rest as required due to my current interests).

I’ve written dozens of tool-sized to enterprise-sized Delphi applications during many years of programming in Delphi. The tools and applications developed using Embarcadero (CodeGear, Inprise, Borland) Delphi include several low-level Windows system tools; large scale client-server, n-tier and distributed database applications and dynamic web applications.

I’ve also coded quite a few custom ASP.NET controls, including: File Manager and Scheduler. Most of the custom controls I’ve created are used accross various modules in Mono Software’s MonoX project (CMS and Social Networking Platform).

Current position

As a project manager in my company, Mono Software Ltd, I’m leading a team of experienced (Delphi) developers using XP (Extreme Programming) methodologies trying to stay on the edge of today’s IT innovations.

Delphi Programming Guide for About.com

From 1998 till 2012 (that’s 15 years!), I’ve been maintaining the About Delphi Programming web site for the About.com network. As a “Guide” I’ve written hundreds of Delphi related tutorials, articles, tips and tricks.